Waiting List

As the name suggests, joining a puppy waiting list essentially means putting your name down as a potential puppy buyer. But it’s often not just as simple as signing up and waiting for a litter to become available.

How do waiting lists work?

The list order is determined on a first-come, first-served basis. The person who applies first is at the top of the list and gets first pick when a litter becomes available. Then, the second person to apply gets next pick, and so on. 

A few other factors can also impact waiting list orders. Even though you may be high up on the waiting list when a litter arrives, you may be looking for a puppy that has certain features or characteristics — for example, you may want a pup of a particular color, or have a preference for a boy or girl puppy. So if the type of puppy you want isn’t in the litter, you’ll stay at the top of the waiting list for the next litter while the breeder pairs pups from the current litter with people below you on the list.

It’s also worth pointing out that the breeder may reserve the first pick from each litter for themselves. So even if you’re at the top of the waiting list, the breeder may decide to keep one of the pups for their own before you get to choose your new family member.

To be placed on the "WAITING LIST" requires a $100.00 DEPOSIT.  Your deposit will be applied towards the total purchase price of your puppy.  Those placing a "Waiting List" deposit will be given first choice of the puppies, male or female of their choice, in the order that their deposits were placed.  Your "Waiting List" deposit guarantees sex and or color not size.