Guardian Family Application

Every now and then we have potential breeding dogs that we want to keep back from our breeding program, to be future moms and dads. 
We like to place these puppies into good family homes here in New York, that will work with us. The family will get the puppy for minimal cost, and in return we get a future breeding dog without overcrowding our property. We will raise them at our house for 6-8 weeks and bring mom back to the family each time. 
Once the dog is retired, they will live with you forever as your pet. They will only be with us if you need babysitting or when it’s time for puppies. We know the program is not for everybody but we’ve been blessed to get good families to work with us!
We are always looking to bring new blood into our lines and will have purebred puppies posted here as available guardian dogs. 
If there is none at the time and you want to be put on a waiting list for our next available guardian dog please apply below and we will discuss the opportunity in more depth with you.

Waiting List Application

Available Puppies For our Guardian Family Program 

Birthday: October 19, 2022
Take Home at 8 Weeks
Take Home Date: December 19, 2022



Guardian Family Application