Emillí book Ideas

ABC's in affirmations for kids with a rhyming touch

A is for Awesome, you shine like a star,
B is for Brave, you're never too far.
C is for Creative, your ideas take flight,
D is for Determined, you'll reach any height.

E is for Energy, you play with joy,
F is for Friendly, making friends easily.
G is for Grateful, for each day that's new,
H is for Helpful, in all that you do.

I is for Image, with a mind that's grand,
J is for Joyful, spreading smiles across the land.
K is for Kind, with a heart that's pure,
L is for Loyal, forever to endure.

M is for Motivated, you'll never slow,
N is for Nurturing, making others glow.
O is for Optimistic, seeing the bright side,
P is for Patient, with time as your guide.

Q is for Quick Learner, absorbing like a sponge,
R is for Respectful, treating all with a plunge.
S is for Strong, inside and out,
T is for Thoughtful, there's no doubt.

U is for Unique, like a precious gem,
V is for Valuable, you're treasured by them.
W is for Wise, making clever decisions,
X is for excited, embracing life's revisions.

Y is for Yes, you believe you can,
Z is for Zealous, your dreams in a plan.

Keep these affirmations in your heart, my little friend,
You're amazing, unique, and loved without end!