Adoption Process


How exciting! Here’s how the process works:

STEP 1: Application

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STEP 2: Interview

We will call or email you to see if you would be a good fit for getting one of our dogs and to see if we are the right breeder for you and your family. This is a great time to ask all your questions and we will be transparent, open and honest with our answers. It is truly a joy for us to be able to partner with our families and we want you to feel confident in your choice of us. On the flip side, we reserve the right to refuse the purchase of a puppy if an individual or family deems unsuitable. 


After you have filled out the application, we have had your interview and have decided this will be a good fit for both parties involved, we will then accept your non-refundable deposits.
 Our waitlist goes in the order that deposits are received. Your deposit will be applied towards the total purchase price of your puppy. Breeder's choice will be pick unless 1 opt to pass. You will be placed on a waitlist in accordance to the litter you are on and called or messaged when the litter is born. At about 4 weeks of age, if not before then, you will be called to choose your puppy. You can keep updated on our litters through Youtube and Instagram.
Your $500 deposit
is litter transferable one time per family. Your deposit will be applied towards the total purchase price of your puppy. This rule is put into place for the protection of our time and hard work, but it also protects the other families who are waiting as well.
Once the deposit is received your name will be placed on the website showing that the puppy has been reserved for you.
If you decided to pass, you would be rolled to the next available spot on the upcoming waitlists. You would not be bumped to the top of the next waiting list as it is not fair to the other families who have reserved their picks.
Our puppies go home around 8 weeks of age. Don’t live near or in New York? No problem! We have excellent Delivery nannies that can hand deliver your puppy right to you! 
Delivery is available at an additional cost depending on distance. Once a deposit is placed on one of our pups for sale we will give you a quote from the delivery. Once you pay the delivery cost then we will arrange for a nanny to deliver your pup that fits your schedule. Once the puppy arrive you can pay the remainder of the balance to the driver in cash! If you wish to use a credit card you must pay for the puppy in full before delivery. This gives the transaction time to go through.


Puppies will be up-to-date on vaccinations and deworming in good health at the time of pickup/delivery.

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