100 natural Juice Sweeteners

Here are some natural sweeteners you can use in juices:

When using these sweeteners, it's a good idea to start with a small amount and adjust to taste. Keep in mind that each sweetener has its own distinct flavor and sweetness level, so you can experiment to find the perfect combination for your juices. Feel free to combine different sweeteners and flavors to create your own unique blends.

1. **Honey**: Provides natural sweetness and adds flavor.
2. **Maple Syrup**: Adds a rich, earthy sweetness.
3. **Agave Nectar**: A liquid sweetener with a mild taste.
4. **Stevia**: A calorie-free sweetener derived from the stevia plant.
5. **Date Paste**: Made from blended dates, it offers a caramel-like sweetness.
6. **Fruit Juices**: Using juices from fruits like apple, orange, or grape can naturally sweeten your drink.
7. **Coconut Water**: Adds sweetness and a tropical flavor.
8. **Molasses**: A byproduct of sugar cane processing, it has a strong, distinct flavor.
9. **Lucuma Powder**: Made from a Peruvian fruit, it adds a subtly sweet and creamy flavor.
10. **Monk Fruit Extract**: A zero-calorie sweetener derived from monk fruit, known for its intense sweetness.
11. **Brown Rice Syrup**: Made from cooked rice, it has a mild sweetness.
12. **Yacon Syrup**: Extracted from the yacon root, it has a low glycemic index and a unique flavor.
13. **Blackstrap Molasses**: A thicker, stronger-flavored molasses with added nutritional benefits.
14. **Raw Sugar**: Less processed than white sugar, it retains some of the natural molasses content.
15. **Birch Xylitol**: A sugar alcohol derived from birch trees, it has a sweetness similar to sugar.
Certainly, here are a few additional natural juice sweeteners you might find interesting:

16. **Carrot Juice**: Adds natural sweetness and a vibrant orange color to your juices.
17. **Beet Juice**: Offers a hint of sweetness and a beautiful deep red color.
18. **Pear Juice**: Adds a delicate sweetness and pairs well with a variety of fruits and vegetables.
19. **Pomegranate Molasses**: Made from pomegranate juice, it has a tangy-sweet flavor.
20. **Cinnamon**: A spice that adds warmth and sweetness to juices.
21. **Vanilla Extract**: Adds a pleasant aroma and mild sweetness.
22. **Cardamom**: Provides a unique and fragrant sweetness.
23. **Ginger**: Offers a spicy-sweet kick to juices.
24. **Lemon or Lime Zest**: Adds a burst of citrusy sweetness without the acidity of the juice.
Certainly, here are a few more natural juice sweeteners for you:

25. **Chia Seeds**: When soaked in liquid, chia seeds create a gel-like consistency and a mild sweetness.
26. **Cherry Juice**: Adds a natural sweetness with a hint of tartness.
27. **Passion Fruit**: Offers a tropical and tangy-sweet flavor.
28. **Mango Puree**: Adds a luscious and fruity sweetness to your juices.
29. **Kiwi**: Provides a refreshing and slightly tangy sweetness.
30. **Mulberry Syrup**: Made from mulberries, it offers a unique and rich sweetness.
31. **Cranberry Juice**: Adds a tart-sweet balance to your juices.
32. **Lavender**: A fragrant herb that can impart a subtle floral sweetness.
33. **Rose Water**: Adds a delicate and aromatic sweetness to juices.
34. **Mint**: Fresh mint leaves can add a cool and mildly sweet flavor to your drinks.
35. **Apricot Puree**: Adds a smooth and fruity sweetness.
36. **Prune Juice**: Offers a natural sweetness and a touch of earthiness.
37. **Guava**: Provides a tropical and slightly tangy sweetness.
38. **Passionflower**: Offers a delicate and floral sweetness.
39. **Pineapple Juice**: Adds a tropical and tangy-sweet flavor.
40. **Mint Leaves**: Fresh mint leaves can provide a refreshing and subtly sweet taste.
41. **Sweet Potato Puree**: Adds a creamy and naturally sweet element to juices.
42. **Peach Puree**: Imparts a juicy and sweet flavor.
43. **Lemon Balm**: A herb with a lemony flavor that adds a mild sweetness.
44. **Rosemary**: Adds an aromatic and slightly piney sweetness.
45. **Pineapple Core**: Using the core of a pineapple can add sweetness to your juice.
46. **Passion Fruit Juice**: Offers a tropical and tangy-sweet flavor.
47. **Papaya Puree**: Adds a creamy and tropical sweetness.
48. **Fig Puree**: Imparts a rich and naturally sweet taste.
49. **Mango Juice**: Provides a vibrant and juicy sweetness.
50. **Acai Berry Puree**: Adds a deep, dark berry sweetness.
51. **Blackberry Puree**: Offers a sweet and slightly tart flavor.
52. **Lychee**: Provides a unique and delicately sweet taste.
53. **Star Fruit**: Adds a tropical and mildly sweet flavor.
54. **Goji Berries**: These dried berries can bring a sweet and tangy element.
55. **Pomegranate Seeds**: Add a burst of sweet-tart flavor to your juices.
56. **Watermelon**: Offers a juicy and refreshing natural sweetness.
57. **Kiwi Fruit Puree**: Provides a tangy and tropical sweetness.
58. **Raspberry Puree**: Imparts a sweet and slightly tangy taste.
59. **Blueberry Puree**: Adds a burst of sweet and antioxidant-rich flavor.
60. **Cantaloupe**: Offers a sweet and aromatic juiciness.
61. **Hibiscus Flowers**: Bring a tart-sweet floral note to your juices.
62. **Coconut Milk**: Adds a creamy and subtly sweet flavor.
63. **Dragon Fruit**: Provides a visually stunning and mildly sweet taste.
64. **Cucumber**: Offers a refreshing and lightly sweet element.
65. **Green Apple Juice**: Adds a crisp and mildly sweet flavor.
66. **Quince Paste**: Imparts a rich and sweet taste.
67. **Orange Blossom Water**: Adds a fragrant and delicate sweetness.
68. **Cherry Puree**: Offers a sweet and vibrant burst of flavor.
69. **Guava Puree**: Provides a tropical and fruity sweetness.
70. **Mango Nectar**: Adds a thick and luscious sweetness.
71. **Tamarind Paste**: Offers a tangy-sweet and slightly sour taste.
72. **Black Currant Puree**: Imparts a bold and sweet berry flavor.
73. **Passion Fruit Puree**: Offers a strong tropical and tangy-sweet taste.
74. **Kiwifruit**: Provides a juicy and slightly tart sweetness.
75. **Honeydew Melon**: Offers a mild and refreshing natural sweetness.
76. **Cactus Pear**: Adds a unique and subtly sweet flavor.
77. **Elderflower Syrup**: Brings a floral and delicate sweetness.
78. **Cherry Juice Concentrate**: Offers a concentrated sweet-tart flavor.
79. **Pear Nectar**: Imparts a smooth and sweet taste.
80. **Strawberry Puree**: Adds a classic and sweet berry flavor.
81. **Apricot Nectar**: Provides a rich and fruity sweetness.
82. **White Grape Juice**: Offers a milder and slightly sweet taste.
83. **Lemongrass**: Adds a citrusy and subtly sweet flavor.
84. **Lulo Juice**: Offers a tangy-sweet taste with tropical notes.
85. **White Peach Puree**: Imparts a delicate and sweet peach flavor.
86. **Mango Concentrate**: Adds a concentrated and intense sweetness.
87. **Gooseberry Puree**: Offers a unique and sweet-tart flavor.
88. **Black Plum Puree**: Provides a dark and sweet plum taste.
89. **Lingonberry Puree**: Imparts a tart-sweet and berry-like flavor.
90. **Nectarine Puree**: Offers a juicy and sweet stone fruit taste.
91. **Agave Inulin**: Adds a subtly sweet and soluble fiber element.
92. **Mamey Sapote**: Provides a creamy and sweet tropical flavor.
93. **Soursop**: Offers a rich and tropical sweetness.
94. **Passion Berry**: Imparts a sweet and exotic taste.
95. **Camu Camu Powder**: Adds a tangy-sweet flavor and vitamin C.
96. **Gooseberry Juice**: Offers a tart-sweet and vibrant taste.
97. **Pear Juice Concentrate**: Provides a concentrated and sweet pear flavor.
98. **Peach Nectar**: Imparts a smooth and sweet peach taste.
99. **Pluot Puree**: Adds a hybrid plum-apricot sweetness.
100. **Morus Nigra (Black Mulberry)**: Offers a deep and sweet berry flavor.