100 Healthy Snacks

Here are 100 healthy alternative treats to satisfy your cravings:

1. Fresh fruit salad
2. Greek yogurt with honey and berries
3. Frozen grapes
4. Apple slices with almond butter
5. Dark chocolate squares
6. Frozen banana slices
7. Mixed nuts and dried fruits
8. Baked apple chips
9. Frozen blueberry popsicles
10. Chia seed pudding
11. Rice cakes with peanut butter and banana slices
12. Homemade trail mix
13. Frozen mango chunks
14. Carrot sticks with hummus
15. Cottage cheese with pineapple chunks
16. Homemade granola bars
17. Baked sweet potato fries
18. Rice pudding with cinnamon
19. Edamame with sea salt
20. Baked zucchini chips
21. Celery sticks with cream cheese and raisins (Ants on a log)
22. Frozen watermelon slices
23. Popcorn seasoned with nutritional yeast
24. Whole grain crackers with avocado slices
25. Frozen raspberry yogurt bites
26. Oatmeal cookies with raisins and nuts
27. Sliced cucumber with tzatziki sauce
28. Baked cinnamon apple slices
29. Frozen peach slices
30. Steamed broccoli with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese
31. Baked kale chips
32. Frozen strawberry banana smoothie pops
33. Mixed berry compote with yogurt
34. Air-popped popcorn with a touch of honey
35. Baked pear slices with cinnamon
36. Rice cakes with avocado and cherry tomatoes
37. Cottage cheese with sliced peaches
38. Roasted chickpeas with spices
39. Frozen pineapple chunks
40. Baked beet chips
41. Cherry tomatoes with mozzarella balls and basil leaves
42. Cucumber and watermelon salad with mint
43. Frozen kiwi slices
44. Baked quinoa bites
45. Sliced jicama with lime juice and chili powder
46. Frozen mixed berry yogurt bark
47. Baked sweet potato chips
48. Guacamole with veggie sticks
49. Cherry almond energy bites
50. Frozen blackberry yogurt bites
51. Sliced bell peppers with hummus
52. Baked parsnip fries
53. Frozen orange slices
54. Homemade fruit popsicles
55. Baked cauliflower popcorn
56. Greek yogurt with cocoa powder and honey
57. Cauliflower buffalo "wings"
58. Frozen cantaloupe chunks
59. Roasted pumpkin seeds
60. Baked butternut squash fries
61. Frozen grapefruit slices
62. Sliced radishes with feta cheese
63. Apple slices with cottage cheese and cinnamon
64. Frozen apricot yogurt bites
65. Baked eggplant chips
66. Baked acorn squash wedges
67. Frozen cherry slices
68. Sliced pear with ricotta cheese and honey
69. Baked green bean fries
70. Greek yogurt with matcha powder and honey
71. Frozen plum slices
72. Baked portobello mushroom fries
73. Sliced kiwi with coconut flakes
74. Baked zucchini fries
75. Frozen papaya chunks
76. Carrot and apple slaw with a light dressing
77. Baked asparagus fries
78. Sliced banana with dark chocolate drizzle
79. Frozen lemon slices
80. Baked rutabaga fries
81. Sliced peach with ricotta cheese and cinnamon
82. Baked okra fries
83. Frozen pineapple coconut bites
84. Baked turnip fries
85. Sliced nectarine with Greek yogurt
86. Frozen mixed fruit salad
87. Baked lotus root chips
88. Sliced plum with cottage cheese and honey
89. Frozen berry and yogurt parfait
90. Baked broccoli tots
91. Sliced melon with mint leaves
92. Frozen coconut banana bites
93. Baked carrot fries
94. Sliced mango with chili powder and lime juice
95. Frozen berry sorbet
96. Baked snap pea crisps
97. Sliced watermelon with feta cheese
98. Frozen fruit smoothie cubes
99. Baked cucumber chips
100. Sliced persimmon with Greek yogurt

Enjoy these treats in moderation as part of a balanced diet. Always consider any dietary restrictions or allergies you may have and adjust the recipes accordingly. Bon appétit!